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State: Virginia
Country: United States

Sex: Male

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Jun 15, 2024 - 1:14 pm

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  Title: tarnus
Apr 27, 2007 - 10:22 pm
Posted By: Nick Fury

your game sucks.  it is so stupid how you can spend so much money on a ship, and get screwed so easy.  I had 110-120% of the fighters a sector had, and with it only failing 90%, I only can take out 6.6m (of the 9.1m it has) and I end up taking 28T credits worth of damage, which knocks me down 1/3 of my score.  you know how much money was spent DEFENDING the sector?  probably 15-20T total.  you know how much it would take to actually take the sector?  70-80T credits all told.  in other words, the game is too unbalanced for defenders.  attackers have no way to balance the scales unless the defensder is a moron.  can you try and rack that little brain of yours for a way to make the game a bit more fair for everyone?

  Title: worthless admins
Apr 9, 2007 - 8:06 pm
Posted By: Nick Fury

okay, so here I am playing on the main game.  got a little help at startup so I could take care of some business, but otherwise, just attacking anything that moves.

I randomly come across a planet sitting in space.  I scan it, does not show a bounty.  I attack it.  I get a bounty.  I don't feel like having to create all these damn accounts just to post a bug, especially when my friend is sitting in the same room, and he has one of the developers of the game and admin on his messenger list.  he talks to the admin for me, and admin tells him of all things, that in addition to scanning planets, I have to check the rankings every time I want to attack.  rankings aren't updated instantly, so if a scan shows no bounty, why would the rankings be more reliable?  plus, I attack a lot of planets, you want me to spend an extra hour just checking the rankings?  how about just fix the code?

anyway, I finally get some help paying the bounty, having to take money from a team already struggling due to the admin's team hitting them regardless of the bounty status.  I'm in good shape now, right?  wrong.

I'm doing some attacking, find a sector with defense in an acceptable range for attacking.  I do a sector scan twice, to try and get an accurate count.  no where does it show that anything in the sector is a bounty.  I attack.  somehow I lose all of my stuff because apparently it was a bounty (remember, I scanned twice...) and the defense gets applied directly to my armor.  gee, imagine that.  I'm sitting in sol in a pioneer.

now, either the admin needs to get off their ass and fix the problems in the game, or they are going to start losing more players.  no one likes playing a broke game, and no one likes losing everything they work for.  now, while max says that he is 100% confident tarnus doesn't cheat, I start to wonder how he never seems to get hit with any of the bugs that others come across.

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